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Within Category - News
  • Wed
  • 11/27/2013
  • 10:46 PM
  • event could be birkenstock sale slip-up repellent

    Birkenstock Shoes See to it Formidability and also Footgear Convenience Indestructible and comfortable footgear, which usually upgrade somebody style is usually in trust. First-class shoes Birkenstock sandals resorts in jamaica not just raises the extended life involving footwear and also permits inside delivering remainder and as a consequence, carry your foot inch wonderful type. Because of this changing vogue and elegance, specific organizations accustomed to create unique forms of shoes appropriate for each weather conditions situation. Birkenstock place are stored on the list of many well-liked and also the best shoes, out there in a variety of eyes-catching versions intended for equally relaxed in addition to dinner dress target. Birkenstock boots are classified as the nearly dependable in terms of coziness and versatile in addition to could possibly be availed away either genders within the culture. You cannot alone(p) place numerous types of shoes, but some forms of trainin...

  • Fri
  • 11/15/2013
  • 8:03 AM
  • Fighting the bad guy…and winning

    If someone were to jump on you and start whacking away, what would you do? Would you fight back? Run? Curl up into a ball and beg for mercy? Do you have a plan? Have you even thought about what your reaction would be? When I ask my audiences these questions, most of them shake their heads and admit they are pretty much clueless as to what their response would be. First off, running is perfectly fine. It’s the first thing a deer does when it sees the predatory human. Begging for mercy is fine too, as long as you are planning an escape at some point and not begging with the intention of giving your attacker control over your life. Fighting is going from defensive to offensive. And this is a strategy one reserves when backed in a corner or facing a life-threatening assault—meaning if someone wants your stuff, hand it over...

  • Wed
  • 11/13/2013
  • 11:18 PM
  • Unsecured wireless video baby monitors hackable

    Baby monitors have evolved from simple one-way radio communications based on older radio waves to highly evolved IP based, internet-connected cameras that can be viewed on a smartphone or tablet. Back in the day, when cordless phones were 900 MHZ, it was common to hear someone else’s conversations on your own phone or easy enough to eavesdrop on anyone’s call with a store-bought scanner.Today’s baby monitors suffer a similar fate. While it’s all wonderful for a parent who wants to check out their little Johnny from afar, there are security issues with wireless technol...

  • Wed
  • 11/13/2013
  • 10:58 PM
  • 10 security tips when selling your house

    The housing market is coming back, and lots of people are selling their homes—and you may be considering it too. Will you use a real estate agent or do it yourself? No matter which path you choose, there are safety and security considerations for both. When opening your home to strangers, the risks to your family’s personal security increase dramatically.For one illustration, KHOU 

  • Wed
  • 11/13/2013
  • 10:36 PM
  • 11 Easy and Simple Home Security Tips

    Occasionally it’s good to be reminded of the fundamentals of home security. Print this out and stick it on your bulletin board at work or on your refrigerator as a reminder to everyone in your family.Daytime burglaries: Many burglaries happens during daylight hours; very few occur at night—which means even when you step out to go to the store at noon, set your home security system to alarm.Traveling: Have a neighbor keep an eye on your house and get your mail and newspapers and grab your barrels on trash day. During the winter, have someone clear the snow around your house to make it look ...

  • Mon
  • 11/11/2013
  • 2:24 AM
  • 12 Biggest Home Security Mistakes

    We all make mistakes; the key is to make them once or twice and learn from them. If you keep making them, bad things happen—and home security mistakes are not ones you want to repeat. Here are a dozen mistakes that you don’t want to make even the first time. Cheap locks. It’s easy to walk into the hardware store and see all the shiny locks and look at the prices and see considerable differences. With locks, like anything else, you get what you pay for. Schlage is my go-to, and I’ll never be cheap and make that mistake again. Unlocked doors. What’s the point of having locks if you aren’t going to lock them? Burglars walk up to doors all day, ring the bell, get no answer, jiggle the doorknob and walk right in. And people are surprised their home was chosen. Hide a key. Burglars know they are in or under the flowerpot, under the mat, in the mailbox, in that stupid fake-looking rock and in/under/behind whatever ...

  • Sat
  • 11/9/2013
  • 12:24 PM
  • Standard Door Frames Make Burglary Easy

    Stop what you are doing. Walk over to your front or back door. Open it. Look down at the doorjamb where the holes are—you know, where your doorknob and deadbolt locks (hopefully they are Schlage) go into the frame. Those 3/4-inch-ish holes are surrounded by what’s called a strike plate. The strike plate has two screws in it, and if you were to remove them they’d probably be smaller than 3/4-inch ones. Now look back at the jamb. See the wood surrounding it? Look at the molding on the open side of the door. It’s also about 3/4 inch or so thick, right? OK, now you see that a 3/4-inch hunk of thin pine and molding is all that separates a burglar from entering your home. Bad guys know that probably 95 percent of all front or back doors have this flimsy jamb with a strike plate separating them from entering your home. And see this picture? This is my buddy’s shop last week. This is a steel solid-core ...

  • Fri
  • 11/8/2013
  • 7:58 AM
  • Rihanna’s Home Targeted by Burglars

    Chances are, if you own a $12 million home like Rihanna, someone with bad intentions is going to want a piece of it (or something in it). But you don’t need to be rich to be the target of a burglary. Millions of less extravagant homes are burglarized every year. BET reports, “The singer's Cali mansion, valued at $12 million, is equipped with a security system, including cameras along the private road leading up to it (and a sign that reads, ‘Smile, you’re on camera.’). The intruders were caught on tape, and although they were successful in trespassing, the would-be burglary was cut short when the break-in sounded off the alarm. The noise caused them to flee.” “Equipped with a security system…the noise caused them to flee.” That statement warms the cockles of my heart. Famous people are no strangers to home break-ins. Celebrities are targeted bec...

  • Wed
  • 11/6/2013
  • 10:35 PM
  • Cellular Base Station Range Extenders Vulnerable to Attack

    Low-powered cellular base stations are often found in residential homes and small businesses where mobile coverage is scant. The device, which also known as a femtocell, connects to DSL or cable connections and extends cellular coverage to a functional level where cell towers simply don’t reach. Some cellular base stations can accommodate up to 16 devices indoors or outdoors. The benefits of deploying a cellular base station include better voice quality and stronger wireless internet connections over 3G or 4G.A few of the mobile carriers offering cellular base station...

  • Wed
  • 11/6/2013
  • 9:35 PM
  • Mirror Mirror Online, Who Is the Most Dangerous Celebrity of...

    We all do it. We probably all just don’t admit it. Well I admit it—I’ve searched for that elusive picture of Kimye’s baby North (who I thought would be called Kadence, but I’m not in the know, which is why I’m on the search engines constantly). But what most of us don’t realize is that searching for celebrities and other hot topics in the news could put us and our computers, smartphones and tablets at risk.Cybercriminals know that search engines (like Google, Yahoo! and Bing) can also be used for criminal means. They know that if they use breaking news, cele...