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  • How To Get Honeycomb Boot Animation On Droid X


    While Honeycomb aka Android 3.0 running on XOOM is the most popular subject of conversation, today. Its SDK has been ported to several devices in fairly working conditions. However, it’s hard to tell how many phones would taste the sweet honey. So here, we are with yet another tutorial on Honeycomb as boot animation on your Droid X.


    • rooted Motorola Droid X
    • Root Explorer
    • Honeycomb Boot Animation
    • Honeycomb Boot Animation with Sound
    • Half Speed Honeycomb Boot Animation
    • Half Speed Honeycomb Boot with Sound
    • ClockworkMod Recovery on the device


    Step 1: Download the preferred Honeycomb animation.

    Step 2: Place the zip on your SD card.

    Step 3: Download and install Root Explorer on your device.

    Step 4: Go to the Data/Local folder and copy off ‘’ to a safer place on microSD card so that you have a backup if you want to revert.

    Step 5: Mount the system in read/write with Root Explorer.

    Step 6: Rename the downloaded Honeycomb animation to ‘’ to copy it to the Data/Local folder.

     Step 7: Exit Root Explorer and reboot your device to see the new boot Animation.

     Step 8: For adding sound to your boot animation, download the appropriate animation link from above.

     Step 9: Boot into ClockworkMod Recovery.

    Step 10: Scroll down to Install zip. Select and install the downloaded zip file.

    Step 11: Reboot after the installation is complete.

    Bingo! Have fun with your new Honeycomb animation.

     For any issues, suggestions and update, head over to the Droid X forums thread.






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