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  • How To: Root Archos Gen8 Android Tablet


    If you own Archos Gen8 Android Tablet and can’t wait to have to root it, read on for the complete instructions to guide you through the process.



    Step 1: Reboot the device and keep the “Vol-” button pressed after the screen goes black. It gets the laptop into recovery mode.

     Step 2: Choose the “Update Firmware” option and connect your device to your computer via USB.

    Step 3: Transfer the SDE firmware to the tablet and safely remove the device from the USB devices on your computer.

    Step 4: Select ‘OK’> Archos SDE is installed> Reboot the device. Archos SDE has been successfully installed, now.

    Step 5: Install android firmware. Reboot the device and keep the ‘Volume down’ button pressed once the screen goes blank.

    Step 6: Select ‘Update Firmware’ option and connect your device to your computer via USB.

    Step 7: Now transfer the firmware file to your device and then safely remove the device from the USB devices on your computer.

     Step 8: Click ‘OK’ and after the firmware has been updated, reboot your device. The Archos Firmware should now be working on your device.

    Step 9: Now you can install the custom kernel + initramfs provided above. Reboot your tablet by holding down the volume button.

     Step10: Go to ‘Recovery Menu’ > ‘Developer Edition’ > ‘Flash kernel and initramfs’

     Step 11: Connect your tablet to your PC via USB, transfer the ‘zImage and initramfs.cpio.gz’ to it.

    Step 12: Safely disconnect the device from your computer.

    Step 13: Press ‘OK’  on your tablet and then reboot while holding the Volume Down button.

    Step 14: Now just keep the volume-down button pressed once the screen turns black.

     Step 15: Select ‘Developer Edition’, it will provide a temporary root access to your phone.

     Now you have temporary root access, and to gain permanent root the tablet as follows:

    Step 1: Reboot the device while keeping the ‘Volume Down’ keys pressed.

     Step 2: Go to ‘Recovery Menu’ > ‘Developer Edition Menu’ and select ‘Remove Android Kernel’

     Step 3: Reboot your device and you should now have permanent root on it.

    Viola! It works. Let us know your experience in the comment box below.


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