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  • Creating a Business Profile on WooEB for an Effective Online Marketing Campaign


    As more companies turn to the internet to create brand awareness for their products and services, there is a growing popularity in the use of business networking sites for online marketing campaigns. 

    Videos, blogs, news releases, event listings and other applications are excellent tools to increase company exposure and several web sites offer these tools to businesses. From a video, a company can highlight their products and services; blogs offer an opportunity to discuss industry trends or the recent happenings; news releases provide private and public companies with the ability to announce new products and services and attract potential customers and clients; event listings allow a company the opportunity to announce upcoming events and draw a larger audience. 

    All of these applications are an integral part of creating an effective online marketing campaign yet it is difficult to find all of these applications in one spot. Most of the time a company’s only option is to open accounts on several sites and post information that the site caters to. There are a number of video sites, blog sites, news release sites, etc. but what a company really needs is a site that provides all of these applications from one place. 

    This is where WooEB comes in, the one stop business networking site that enables a company to create a comprehensive profile that houses all of their videos, blogs, news releases, events, company background, contact information and stimulates networking between not just other businesses but individuals looking for the products and services they provide. 

    From a business profile on WooEB a company can upload all of their videos and blogs, submit and distribute news releases, post events, upload pictures, create an “About Us,” network with other members and much more. The ability to do all of this in one place saves a company time and eliminates the need to create multiple accounts on a number of other web sites.

    WooEB business profiles give companies the ability to control the advertising that appears on the pages within their profiles with the ADit application. This application allows a company to upload their ads to their profiles and provides them the ability to change those ads out as often as they like. 

    View a business profile with the ADit application. 

    As a marketing tool designed to give businesses an effective avenue through which they can generate greater awareness, WooEB has made the process of creating marketing campaigns much more seamless.





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