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Dr. Isaac Eliaz, M.D., MS., L.Ac., has been a pioneer in integrative medicine since the early 1980s. He is a respected researcher, innovative product formulator, clinical practitioner, author and lecturer. Dr. Eliaz is widely regarded as the leading expert in the field of Modified Citrus Pectin research and has been using Modified Citrus Pectin in his clinical practice for over 15 years to treat a variety of conditions. Dr. Eliaz integrates his background in Western medicine with extensive knowledge of traditional Chinese, Tibetan, Ayervedic, Homeopathic and complementary medical systems. With over 25 years of clinical experience and research, Dr. Eliaz offers a unique holistic approach to the relationship between health and disease, immune enhancement, detoxification and cancer prevention and treatment. As an innovative formulator of nutraceutical supplements, Dr. Eliaz developed and currently holds the patents for several of his unique botanical formulations which have been scientifically validated through multiple studies. Through collaboration with leading integrative health authorities, major research institutes and government agencies, Dr. Eliaz continually studies, integrates and applies the best health practices from western medicine and complementary/alternative approaches. Dr. Eliaz is Director of Amitabha Medical Clinic and Healing Center in Sebastopol, CA, (707-829-5900) where he and his team of integrative practitioners treat cancer and other chronically ill patients using a wide range of cutting edge and traditional therapies drawn from diverse medical systems. The strategic application of such integrative protocols allows Dr. Eliaz and his team to address issues affecting the whole person in body, mind and spirit, rather than just treating their symptoms. Dr. Eliaz and the practitioners at Amitabha Clinic specialize in cancer prevention and treatment, chronic illnesses, immune support, detoxification, hormone balancing, nutrition optimization, and vital energy enhancement, among others. As an experienced meditation practitioner, Dr. Eliaz offers free monthly meditation classes at Amitabha Clinic and also leads meditation, detoxification and healing retreats for more in-depth guidance on his unique approaches to health and healing. The guiding mission of Dr. Eliaz’ professional life is achieving the synergistic integration of multiple healing modalities from both ancient and modern paradigms into a comprehensive, holistic practice of medicine. This is the heart of his clinical practice, of his research, and of a mission that he communicates with great passion and clarity. For more information about his work, visit

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  • Empowering Cancer Patients with Life-Saving Findings


    When it comes to integrative cancer treatment, I always emphasize the importance of “patient-driven medicine.” Patient-driven medicine is what true integrative medicine is about. It embraces the principle of equality between patient and doctor, and each treatment program is tailored to the patient’s individual needs, desires and comfort level, with a focus on non-biased and holistic, comprehensive protocols.

    I recently presented the power of this approach, along with the latest research findings in prevention, control and spread of cancer at the annual Cancer Control Society conference this September 2011. This truly inspirational event brought life-saving information to thousands of patients and their families, offering myself and other medical experts the opportunity to share important recommendations and inspirational stories of survival.  

    Importance of Empowerment
    My top recommendation for fighting cancer is first and foremost to create an integrative program that emphasizes empowerment of the patient. Cancer patients need to be empowered so they can use their illness as an opportunity for transformation and change, leading to greater meaning for their life and the lives of people around them. Without comprehensive information on the wide range of available therapeutic and diagnostic options, as well as physical, mental, emotional and psycho-spiritual support from their team of healers, a patient is less able to participate in his or her own treatment program. Such a limitation promotes inequality and fearfulness in the doctor’s office and leads many times to poor clinical outcome.

    At my holistic integrative clinic, Amitabha Medical Clinic, we make patient education and empowerment a top priority. We offer numerous in-depth resources and a wide range of holistic support for our patients to learn as much as they can about their best options for achieving optimal health. With guidance from our practitioners, patients are the ones who  decide which treatment protocols are best for them, based on their unique life circumstances. As an holistic clinic, we treat patients as a whole, in body, mind and spirit, to offer comprehensive support for all areas of well being.

    By working closely with patients to understand and address their unique health situation, and supporting their health and wellness goals with tailored strategies, a skilled integrative health practitioner acts an equal partner on the path to optimal health. Having such strong support in the form of education, integrative patient-driven recommendations and holistic empowerment, allows for much more positive clinical outcomes for our patients.

    New Evidence Proves Power of MCP
    At the conference, I also had the opportunity to present important new research on the immune-enhancing and cancer-fighting properties of Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP), as well as the role of unhealthy galectin-3 levels in various diseases. These findings offer critical, life-saving information to patients seeking safe and effective natural therapies to enhance their treatment programs.

    New evidence shows the positive effects of my most recommended anti-cancer nutrient,  Modified Citrus Pectin, in blocking unhealthy levels of galectin-3 molecules in the body. Galectin-3 is produced naturally by our bodies, but new research proves that elevated levels can indicate the presence of serious health conditions like heart disease, fibrosis and metastatic cancer.

    Modified Citrus Pectin is the only natural galectin-3 blocker available today. By binding to and blocking excess galectin-3 molecules, Modified Citrus Pectin prevents galectin-3 from wreaking havoc throughout our bodies. These new discoveries give Modified Citrus Pectin even greater potential in the prevention and treatment of many serious health conditions for which there are currently limited or no treatments available. As more research continues on the role of galectin-3 in a wide range of diseases, the usefulness of Modified Citrus Pectin will continue to grow as well, offering new hope and empowerment to patients seeking safe and effective therapies for fighting disease and restoring health naturally.

    For more information on cancer prevention and treatment options, the importance of patient education as well as new research on Modified Citrus Pectin, visit





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