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Within Archive - January 2011
  • Mon
  • 1/24/2011
  • 3:22 PM
  • When You Want More Than An Ordinary Press Release TransWorld...

    Press releases are very common these days. Many companies now utilize press release services to build awareness about their company products and services while trying to drive traffic from links inside the story. With an abundance of press release services out there and so many companies within an industry competing for the same traffic, choosing how your story gets out to your readers and what they see when it reaches them is critical to make your company story standout.TransWorldNews a leader in news andpress release distributionhas developed a number of applications that go along with our press release distribution services that highlights your products and services. The features that can be included in your press release through TransWorldNews are: a Video, Company Logo, Picture gallery, URL Traffic Builder (Displays your Website underneath your press release) and ADit (advertising application that displays your banner ads next to your release). In addition to these marketing applications you can also

  • Mon
  • 1/10/2011
  • 1:20 PM
  • WooEB.com Announces Today’s ADit Specials

    To take advantage of these ADit deals go to the Company WooEB Hub page, click on the ADit banner on the right side of the Hub and receiver your ADit discount.ADit is an online application available to each member of WooEB. Members of WooEB control their ADit banners, giving them the ability to run ADit deals when they want for whatever they want.To run your ADit deals on WooEB, go to WooEB.com,Join Nowand build out your Hub. Activating ADit is less than .30 cents per day.Today’s featured ADit deals are listed below.Twist 25 provides DHEA CreamTwist 25 is offering a special discount on their DHEA Cream Supplement. DHEA is an all natural supplement that restores vigor and vitality while helping you feel lean, fit and trim. For $20 off,DHEA CreamSporto Motoring provides a full array of accessories for carsSporto Motoring is offering a limited time deal on floor mats. Save 5% and receive free shipping for mats that help protect your car from winter wear. See the deal here forFloor Mats on saleGotham Cigars is a

  • Wed
  • 1/5/2011
  • 1:55 PM
  • Highlight Your Products and Services: Reach New Customers Wi...

    What was your New Year’s resolution? The first one for us is to let everyone know about WooEB and its ADit application. The second is to drive new members to Join WooEBand start running their ADit specials throughout the year. The third is to help you meet your resolutions. Most of our members want to drive more traffic and get more customers our goal is to help you reach yours. WooEB along with ADit will bring more awareness to your company products and services online at affordable rates. So here is to the New Year and all we need to do to help each other meet our common goal. The first step for businesses is to join WooEB and why not it’s free and only takes a few minutes. After you have filled in your username and password you will be able to start building your company buzz with all of the applications WooEB offers its members. We have brought together the most popular interactive applications and put them in one space. SoJoin WooEBnow, post your content for members to