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Within Archive - October 2012
  • Wed
  • 10/17/2012
  • 1:08 PM
  • WooEB the Networking Community that Provides Business Owners...

    With so many small to mid-size business owners looking to increase and improve their web presence it is extremely difficult to keep up with best practices and allocating resources to achieve the common goal; More Exposure.WooEB has designed a platform that caters to the common goal more exposure with emphasis in having everything in one place. What does this mean? Everything in one place…When you first Join WooEB (free)members do get a bit overwhelmed at the amount of content they can post inside their WooEB Hub. Unlike other networking platforms they may have a place to do a status update, load a video or pictures and that’s about it. Of course they all have networking capabilities to meet new people, friends, customers and friends of friends. Are these sites more passive than assertive when it comes to your business?Most members on these sites tend to be on them for social interaction, a political argument these days seems to be very popular, sharing pictures but very rarely are we seeing business getting