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Within Archive - November 2011
  • Wed
  • 11/30/2011
  • 3:44 PM
  • 4 Things You Need to Know About WooEB

    1. WooEB is an online platform that allows businesses, individuals and artists to put up all their content in one space. You can put up blogs, contact information, events, news, photos, press releases, videos, link back to your website and more. All you have to do is activate the corresponding tab inside your WooEB hub, which brings us to the next thing on the list.Learn more about WooEB2. It’s more than a profile, it’s a hub. On the surface, WooEB.com may appear to simply be a business listing site but it’s a lot richer than that. The WooEB platform allows viewers to find out all your information in one space. It’s the best complement to your website. 3. ADit! ADit is one of WooEB’s endearing applications. Its gives you the ability to run your own ads inside your hub. The last thing you want is for someone to get distracted by another an ad running inside your hub and leaving. With ADit, you can buy out the ad space ($100 for a year) and run the ads you want inside your hub. To start using ADit, click on the

  • Thurs
  • 11/17/2011
  • 11:54 AM
  • Do you ever feel like your online content exists in a black ...

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  • Mon
  • 11/14/2011
  • 5:29 PM
  • ADit Deals Launches Same Day as Groupon IPO

    ADit Deals, a service of WooEB Inc., launches its new online daily deals site.Merchants who are WooEB members can run daily deals (for up to five days) inside their WooEB Hubs, as well as on the daily deals site inside WooEB. Unlike Groupon, which takes a portion of the money from your sales, WooEB members pay a one-time fee to run their deal for up to five days.Buyers can learn about the deals running onWooEB ADit Dealsthrough social media platforms, search engines (Google, Yahoo!, Bing) and simply by coming to the Daily Deals site to find deals in the categories that they want or in the area where they live.ADit Dealsis also providing members a place to sign up and be emailed deals that they want to receive and is in the process of developing an app that will launch on the iPhone in time for Christmas.While Groupon has been getting lots of attention about their IPO and their valuation and price structure, WooEB has been focused on developing a very clear alternative that both merchants and customers can

  • Mon
  • 11/14/2011
  • 5:27 PM
  • Social Media Sharing Technology Implemented by WooEB Improve...

    Recognizing the significant impact that social media now plays in generating awareness for the products and services of a company, WooEB and its affiliate TransWorldNews, global leaders in news and press release distribution, are now offering clients the opportunity to take advantage of a powerful social media content promotion technology capable of attracting greater readership and interest for their news.Already providing individuals and companies the ability to improve their organic search results through their news and press release service, WooEB has added BuzzSignal as an additional tool to help your press release go viral, increase its visibility, spike its traffic, and improve search engine rankings; all critical elements in an effective public relations effort.By utilizingBuzzSignalas part of your press release distribution service on WooEB, your news is shared to the most popular social media sites on the web and recommended to members of those networking communities. Through these recommendations

  • Mon
  • 11/14/2011
  • 5:26 PM
  • BuzzSignal Advances Press Release Distribution Capabilities ...

    The utilization of social media outlets as a form of news distribution continues to gain momentum; creating a shift from the blanket readership covered by the more traditional news and press release distribution channels to a more specific and targeted audience. Recognizing the impact that social media outlets can have on generating awareness and building a brand name, WooEB has merged the power of social media sharing technologies with the proven reach of traditional news and press release distribution to provide clients with the most comprehensive outlet to disseminate their news.By implementingBuzzSignal, a powerful social media content promotion technology, as part of their press release distribution on WooEB, a company helps its news go viral, increases its visibility, spikes its traffic, and enhances its search engine rankings. All of these benefits ultimately improve awareness and build a stronger brand name.All of this can be done because BuzzSignal takes the hands-on approach of coordinating with

  • Mon
  • 11/14/2011
  • 5:23 PM
  • Press Release Distribution with Search Engine Optimization (...

    Search Engine Optimization, SEO, is an important factor when selecting a press release distribution service. Each company sending out their press releases is looking to increase their organic search results with their news story. SEO is imperative to improve indexing in organic search results.Ayodeji Dikio of WooEB said that "As a news and press release distribution outlet,WooEBplaces a high priority on manual SEO for each press release distributed through us. We strive to obtain the best results for our members."WooEB provides manual SEO in all press releases in addition to a number of applications designed to further enhance their press releases which include a picture gallery, inclusion of a video, pulling in your website under the press release and owning your own ad space with ADit. Each of these additional applications takes your press release to another level.WooEB is focused on providing its members with proper SEO of each press release to increase visibility in a cost effective manner. As a result,

  • Mon
  • 11/14/2011
  • 5:20 PM
  • Press Release Distribution Through WooEB - including SEO, Vi...

    Organizations often utilize press releases as a way to increase their audience. WooEB is a leader in thepress release distributionbusiness that continues to provide members with the tools they need to create powerful press releases. WooEB provides members with multiple online marketing applications to increase their online exposure and reach new readers.Press releasesdistributed through WooEB can include a video and/or a picture gallery with no additional cost. Including these additional forms of media in a press release lets the reader learn more about the company and more clearly understand the company's message.Patrick Riordan of WooEB says, “Words can only say so much, the ability to watch a video and see pictures heightens a reader’s senses while they read. This, in turn, generates greater awareness of your organization.”In addition to a video and a picture gallery, a strong emphasis is placed on proper indexing in search engines once a release has been distributed over the WooEB platform. Due to the

  • Mon
  • 11/14/2011
  • 5:19 PM
  • Increase Press Release Distribution Through Social Networkin...

    In the past few months social networking and bookmarking sites have been making a lot of noise, drumming up investors and filing for IPOs worth hundreds of millions of dollars. With the massive amount of interest many companies are wondering how to create a meaningful presence on these sites. A single landing page or profile is not enough to generate buzz for a company. Members of the online communities need to interact with the company to create the necessary rate of return. Understanding this issue WooEB provides users with Buzz Signal, an application that lets companies take full advantage of the power of social media.Buzz Signalis comprised of a network of thousands of people who are active on various social networking and bookmarking sites. When a press release is distributed through WooEB the URL is posted by the Buzz Signal network of people. These press release links are posted to the different pages and profiles associated with the network. Over the next few days the posts receive a number of

  • Mon
  • 11/14/2011
  • 5:18 PM
  • Companies can Connect with Customers Quickly and Easily on W...

    WooEB has recognized a problem with the way companies are currently connecting with their customers online and come up with a solution, putting all of the content that you have online in one place. Currently companies are posting their content on many different websites, making it difficult for consumers to find the information they want. WooEB is here to provide a place to make all your information easily available to the people you want to see it.Posting press releases, videos, pictures, blogs, Right Now status updates, and events to many different sites and services can confuse customers. Some simply don’t want to go to that many different sites. On WooEB a company can post all of this content in the same place online. Each member gets a Hub with a dedicated URL when they sign up where they can put up any content they want people to see. There are dedicated pages within the Hub to put Right Now status updates, profile information, photos, videos, and blogs. Companies can post product listings in the