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Within Archive - February 2011
  • Wed
  • 2/16/2011
  • 2:10 PM
  • ADit Deals on WooEB Give Unique Advertising Control to the M...

    ADit deals: an application offered by WooEB.com that gives each member control over ad space inside their WooEB Hub.Business members that are running ADit Deals get the benefit of displaying the ads they want inside their hub when they want. WooEB provides ad space on the right side of each page inside a member’s hub for a 160 x 600 ad to display. Members can designate where the ad links to and what ad they want to run.As more traffic comes to WooEB, (anetworking sitefor business owners, individuals and musicians) visitors can view the ADit banners on WooEB members’ Hubs and decide if the ADit Deal is something they would like to purchase.In a recent review from PC MAG Samara Lynn stated that “WooEB takes the "ick" factor out of Internet marketing and promotion and is simple enough to use that novices need not be intimidated.” Source PC Mag.comMembers running ADit pay a onetime yearly fee to run their ads in their hub. This prevents any other ads from displaying inside a members hub thereby providing friends

  • Wed
  • 2/16/2011
  • 2:08 PM
  • WooEB’s Alexa Traffic Ranking Update

    WooEB.com an onlinebusiness networkingsite that provides business owners the ability to post a wide variety of content for their customers and potential customers to see all in one space is experiencing an increase in global presence.As of Friday February 4th, 2011 Alexa is reported that WooEB is ranked in the top 100,000 sites in nine different countries. Of the nine countries, WooEB ranks in the top 10,000 twice and top 15,000 once. These include United States, India and the Philippines. In addition to these three countries, WooEB’s presence is also showing top 50,000 rankings in Canada, Pakistan and Malaysia followed by the United Kingdom, China and Indonesia.http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/wooeb.com#Samara Lynnstated“WooEB takes the "ick" factor out of Internet marketing and promotion and is simple enough to use that novices need not be intimidated.” Source PC Mag.comAbout WooEBFounded in 2009, WooEB is where everything begins. WooEB is a Web-based platform that empowers members, including small and

  • Wed
  • 2/16/2011
  • 1:52 PM
  • Highlight Your Listings In “The Market” On WooEB With ADit D...

    WooEB, the business networking platform that empowers members to post all their content in one space, makes it easy for customers to see all your information in one place. WooEB now offers its members the ability to truly highlight their listings in The Market with ADit deals and an accompanying press release.The web right now is filled with greatmarketing applicationsscattered on a variety of sites that require multiple accounts to get your message out to the world. WooEB has designed a platform that provides one area called your Hub. There you can post most, if not all the content that you want potential and existing customers to see when they want to find out more about what your business offers.Imagine listing your products and services for sale and including a video and pictures tied directly to your Right Now status updates to let contacts know that you updated your listings in The Market. Right next to your listing you can have an ad that displays deals you are currently running, driving traffic to

  • Wed
  • 2/16/2011
  • 1:41 PM
  • Run Your ADit Deals To Increase Your Products and Services B...

    ADit Deals is new from WooEB.com and is available to all members of WooEB.Members of WooEB have complete control over running the deals they want, when they want, directly from their WooEB Hub.ADit deals are a part of every WooEB member’s hub. It is solely up to the member to choose to run ADit deals. Members from around the world can Join WooEB, active their hub and upload a variety of content to increase traffic to their hubs by indexing in search engines and receiving organic traffic from search results.Everyone canJoin Freeand post content to a plethora of applications that include: Video, Pictures, Blogs, Press Releases (News), The Market (list products and services for sale), Right Now updates, Job Listings, Resumes and Events. In addition to building a WooEB hub, members can purchase the ADit application for 12 months and have complete control over the ads that run on their hubs. This allows members to run the ADit deals they want when they want.ADit Deals is currently in beta but members can post