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Within Archive - March 2010
  • Fri
  • 3/26/2010
  • 2:51 PM
  • Online Marketing Applications to Build Brand Recognition and...

    Online marketing applications are an integral part of any company’s branding efforts on the Web and when they are implemented effectively they can help maintain a loyal customer base while also attracting new clients. While many of these online marketing applications are available on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, etc. these venues often leave an incomplete view of a business. As a social and business networking community designed to provide companies as well as individuals with the tools necessary to create a comprehensive profile, WooEB.com continues to enhance its marketing applications and deliver to its members the most beneficial site on the Web for online marketing campaigns. Creating a profile on WooEB enables a business to do more than just provide company information or post blogs and pictures, it gives a business the opportunity to own its pages. Through the unique ADit application a member of WooEB can brand their profile with their own banner advertisements, giving

  • Mon
  • 3/22/2010
  • 1:19 PM
  • Build Your Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Efforts with Busine...

    Businesses are well aware of the need to build their search engine marketing (SEM) efforts to increase awareness and build their brand recognition among customers and clients. Knowing that social media has become one of the most popular venues from which to build their online campaigns, many businesses have created profiles and uploaded content to numerous sites in hopes of effectively broadcasting their message. While these efforts aren’t wasted, they can often be time consuming and not always produce the desired results. As a social and business networking community that concentrates on providing members with a comprehensive menu of marketing applications WooEB.com has created a venue where a business can publish their content as well as attract a network of followers. By creating a profile on WooEB a business has the ability to upload all of their videos, post their blogs and pictures, give detailed information about their company including links back to their Web site, distribute and display press

  • Thurs
  • 3/11/2010
  • 3:36 PM
  • Create Your Social Media Presence on WooEB and Build Relatio...

    Small businesses have been flocking to social media sites as a primary outlet from which to implement their online marketing campaigns. These networking communities have proven useful in broadcasting a message while promoting specific products and services but many of these sites fail to assist members in building and sustaining relationships with customers and clients. As a social and business networking community that recognizes the importance of not only promoting a message but connecting a business with their target audience WooEB.com has created a venue in which small businesses can utilize a number of marketing applications while also establishing direct relationships with those interested in their business. Creating a profile on WooEB instantly puts small businesses in contact with a growing community of individuals as well as businesses that complement their focus. Through WooEB a small business can quickly establish a network with these other members, making it easier to distribute information

  • Wed
  • 3/10/2010
  • 1:54 PM
  • Building Stronger Sales Relationships Using Social Media, an...

    Every business likes to think they know their customers. They want to believe they have established a strong relationship that has bred loyalty and created a means of attracting new customers and clients. In the past this relationship was forged through face-to-face encounters, whether it’s through meetings with clients or direct interaction with customers in stores, but times have changed and now businesses are turning to social media sites as a means of creating stronger bonds with the end user. Building stronger sales relationships through social media has become critical to the success of a business and when done effectively it can translate into a customer for life. While businesses often consider social media to be a tool for marketing there are more advantages than just this aspect. In an article published by John Jantsch on openforum.com the advantages of social media for a sales team prove to be just as valuable. Jantsch points to the significance of establishing a stronger relationship between

  • Wed
  • 3/10/2010
  • 12:42 PM
  • Post Events, Create Listings and Attract Crowds on WooEB.com...

    For most people who post events and create listings the goal is to attract larger crowds or generate greater awareness for a specific occasion or occurrence. With the continued popularity of social media sites there are a number of outlets in which these people can post events and display listings and have an immediate audience. As a social and business networking community dedicated to providing members with the most useful marketing applications available WooEB.com has designed an environment where you can not only create events listings for concerts, theater dates, movies, sports, trade shows and conference calls, but have those event listings display within your own personal profile as well. Posting events on WooEB allows a member to include not just the date and time of an event but pictures, links and venue details as well. These posted events will then appear within your profile on WooEB, making them visible any visitor to your page. A profile on WooEB provides an individual, business or

  • Wed
  • 3/10/2010
  • 12:41 PM
  • Online Marketing Campaigns Offer Additional Brand Awareness ...

    Online marketing campaigns for businesses have grown to include a number of new venues that just a few years ago were nonexistent. Among the latest venues to establish themselves as a legitimate forum in which businesses can build their brand awareness and attract new customers and clients are social media outlets. These networking communities have proven valuable for many businesses looking to capitalize on the marketing applications available. From a profile on these social media sites a business can quickly establish a relationship with a community interested in their products and services, making it easier to target specific groups of existing and potential customers and clients. As the popularity in these sites continues to grow so to do the sites themselves, leading to confusion among businesses looking for the most effective outlet from which to build their online marketing campaigns. To make things easier WooEB has created a social and business networking community that provides members the