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Within Archive - April 2011
  • Thurs
  • 4/28/2011
  • 10:25 AM
  • WooEB - A Review By PCMag.com

    Even today, too many small businesses neglect their online presence. Perhaps they've always relied "on word of mouth" or they have a specialized niche that attracts a core of loyal, repeat customers. Increasingly, however, a lack of online presence just doesn't fly. You may not need an elaborate, customized website, but you do need to have customers and potential customers able to contact and locate you online and get an idea about the goods or services you offer. It's a waste for a business to not take advantage of that vast, always-on billboard that is the Internet. That's where free social networking service WooEB comes in. The problem is that creating online marketing and "buzz" on the Internet can be confusing for small business owners and there may be a couple of reasons why. First there's the "ick" factor. Many people associate Internet marketing with sleazy spamming or annoying, impersonal campaigns like newsletters or canned emails. Second, it's just too hard to tread