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Within Archive - April 2012
  • Fri
  • 4/27/2012
  • 1:24 PM
  • SEO Tips and Updates from WooEB

    Here’s what we’ve been up to: Right Now Update 1. Right Now has Been Updated. Still More to Come If you read our previous emails you now know about Right Now. This is our solution to having your status updates indexed in search engines. How do we do this? WooEB is not a sign in site. Visitors can see members’ content without having to join. This is very useful to members posting content inside their Hub and doing Right Now updates because if people do not have to sign in, search engines can index our pages in essence your content. This is GOOD!!! Right Now Tips: • Don’t post Right Now updates or other content on WooEB if you don’t want it indexed. • Keep it clean. • Keep it relevant. Think SEO Think Search • Think before you post. Are you posting something writing it in a way that someone will search for? Examples: TransWorldNews offers Press Release Distribution Services. The key phrase in this Post is Press Release Distribution Services Create your own web