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Within Archive - May 2010
  • Mon
  • 5/31/2010
  • 3:10 PM
  • Tax Lawyers and Attorneys can Create Comprehensive Business ...

    Tax lawyers and attorneys can create profiles on thebusiness networking siteWooEB to attract potential clients and effectively increase their web presence.For attorneys who concentrate on individual and corporate tax issues on a federal, state and local level, creating a WooEB profile provides an environment in which they can offer visitors a comprehensive understanding of their practice. An in-depth profile includes the ability to upload contact information, blog entries, news releases, pictures, videos, provide a direct link to a web site, network within the community and reserve a unique URL that can be used to direct potential clients to your page.In addition to the interactive applications available through WooEB, members can also control all the advertising on the pages within their profile by selecting the ADit application. This enables each member to upload their own banners on their page, eliminating the chance that a competitor’s advertisements may appear on their page. Once the ADit application is

  • Wed
  • 5/26/2010
  • 1:47 PM
  • Public Relations (PR) Firms Can Create Client Profiles on Wo...

    WooEB provides PR firms with a number of applications that can be utilized to create increased web exposure for each of their clients. This exposure comes in the form of increased search results in major search engines as well as in improved indexing in search results.While the applications offered by WooEB can be found across the Web on various sites, WooEB provides all of them in one space, eliminating the need to bounce around numerous sites to upload different content.PR Firms can encourage their clients to have their employeescreate profiles on WooEBwhich further increases exposure for the company and makes it easier for visitors to find the appropriate person to contact with questions or comments. By creating an Individual profile for sales reps, customer service reps, account managers, etc., and placing a link from these profiles to the company profile the exposure for the company is increased tremendously. It also works the other way, as company profiles can provide a direct link from their profile to

  • Mon
  • 5/24/2010
  • 2:32 PM
  • Creating a Business Profile on WooEB for an Effective Online...

    As more companies turn to the internet to create brand awareness for their products and services, there is a growing popularity in the use ofbusiness networkingsitesfor online marketing campaigns.Videos, blogs, news releases, event listings and other applications are excellent tools to increase company exposure and several web sites offer these tools to businesses. From a video, a company can highlight their products and services; blogs offer an opportunity to discuss industry trends or the recent happenings; news releases provide private and public companies with the ability to announce new products and services and attract potential customers and clients; event listings allow a company the opportunity to announce upcoming events and draw a larger audience.All of these applications are an integral part of creating an effectiveonline marketing campaignyet it is difficult to find all of these applications in one spot. Most of the time a company’s only option is to open accounts on several sites and post

  • Fri
  • 5/21/2010
  • 11:53 AM
  • WooEB Opens Atlanta Office Offers Free WiFi and Coffee

    WooEB has opened its Atlanta office on Lavista Road right off Briarcliff Road. The new office is open to the public and visitors can come by and enjoy free wifi and coffee provided they are members of WooEB and have the ADit application.The WooEB location provides parking and a front deck so that members can enjoy the weather as they update their WooEB profiles. Staff is available to assist members in their online marketing strategy.WooEB.com is a Social Business and Music Networking portal that embraces a variety of applications geared toward building brand awareness for its members while enabling them to network.Join WooEB.com and please stop by our Atlanta location.WooEB.com1596 Lavista RoadAtlanta, Ga. 303291 404 443 3224

  • Tues
  • 5/18/2010
  • 1:24 PM
  • WooEB Offers Right Now Status to Members Inside Profile

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  • Mon
  • 5/17/2010
  • 1:43 PM
  • Brand Your Business with Search Engine Marketing Application...

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  • Fri
  • 5/14/2010
  • 5:00 PM
  • Personal Trainers and Fitness Experts can Promote Services w...

    With the rise in popularity of social media sites, many personal trainers have taken to the social and business networking communities as a means of distributing information about their services as well as attracting new clients. To help facilitate this practice WooEB invites all personal trainers and fitness experts to take advantage of the marketing applications available on the site to better brand their business and create a broader Web presence.WooEB is a business and social networking community that provides its members with a wealth of applications that enable them to create an in-depth profile within the community.A profile on thesocial and business networking communityWooEB gives personal trainers and fitness experts the ability to provide contact information. The About section can be used to describe the full range of services offered. The Photo Gallery can include before and after photos of former clients as well as photos of different exercise moves. Personal trainers can also upload clips of

  • Mon
  • 5/10/2010
  • 2:56 PM
  • Promoting Your Photography through WooEB to Attract Clients

    Photography is an art and those who master this art go on to provide the world with timeless images. To take a picture is to capture a moment in time. Photographers who intend to share their work with the world can do so while taking advantage of the marketing applications provided by WooEB.WooEB is asocial networking communityfor businesses and individuals that provides its members with a wide range of applications that can be customized to fit their needs.The “About” section on WooEB can be used to give a description of the photographers’ style. Uploading pictures takes the description up a notch. It helps to showcase the photographers’ work. Studios that specialize in high resolution picture conversions can showcase before and after pictures through the WooEB gallery.Summer provides many opportunities for photographers due to the increase in outdoor activities: concerts, graduations, sport tournaments, weddings, and more. Becoming active on WooEB will increase your popularity within the community and

  • Wed
  • 5/5/2010
  • 1:50 PM
  • Using the Power of Social Media Marketing through WooEB to P...

    The role of social media in marketing products and services is expanding and businesses are finding ways to customize its applications. Spas can take advantage of the marketing applications provided byWooEB.WooEB is a business and social networking community that provides its members with a wealth of applications that enable them to create an in-depth profile within the community.The “About” section on WooEB can be used to give a description of the theme and services offered at the spa: body wraps, facials, massages, manicure and pedicure, waxing and yoga. Uploading pictures of the spa can help to enhance the description by providing a visual for potential customers. By recording and uploading detailed videos, spas can provide virtual tours of their facilities. Spas that provide personal training or yoga classes can upload clips of different programs available to attract customers.Networking within the WooEB community can help to create and develop a local client base.Bloggingregularly about beauty and

  • Mon
  • 5/3/2010
  • 3:22 PM
  • Implement Social Media Marketing to Build Business Presence ...

    Social media marketing has become a necessity for businesses looking to effectively brand their products and services to a large audience on the Web. Many of these businesses have turned to sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to deliver their message and build a network of followers who they can then turn into customers and clients. These social networking communities offer a range of marketing applications that have made it possible to deliver a message through a blog, a blurb of 140 characters, or a video. This less formal approach to marketing has become acceptable and serves to drive traffic to a company website and create greater awareness. As valuable as these social media marketing outlets are they don’t always offer a platform from which a visitor or follower can truly get a comprehensive understanding of a particular business. While companies that already have a strong brand name like Coca-Cola, Best Buy or IBM might not need to introduce themselves the vast majority of businesses

  • Mon
  • 5/3/2010
  • 2:28 PM
  • By Using WooEB’s Marketing Applications, Restaurants can Att...

    There is an increasing interest and use of social media for marketing purposes. As a social and business networking site, WooEB provides an ideal atmosphere for restaurant owners (managers) to advertise their services to potential customers in and outside their community. Restaurants can take advantage of all the marketing applications that WooEB offers.The WooEB “About” section allows the owner to briefly describe the theme and food types the restaurant specializes in. Uploading pictures can help to highlight the interior of the entire restaurant. Pictures of the menu can also be uploaded for customers who like to make decisions before going out. Restaurant owners can also give a virtual tour of the restaurant by recording and uploading videos.Restaurants can promote their full range of foods, drinks and services within the WooEB community. Networking can help to attract new customers’ eager to try something new.WooEB also offers the “Right Now” application, a feature similar to Twitter, which allows a