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Within Archive - June 2010
  • Mon
  • 6/28/2010
  • 3:35 PM
  • WooEB Ranking in Alexa for United States Continues to Improv...

    Alexa has ranked WooEB.com in the the top 8,000 sites by visitors in the United States. WooEB has experienced a continued increase in traffic. With the time spent on the WooEB site along with page views per user, overall page views, traffic from search and bounce percentage, WooEB which was above 10,000 on Alexa last week has moved through the 10,000 rank.WooEB has also seen an improvement in the 1 month average Alexa compiles moving up 10,797 spots to 31,155 for its global average.Members on WooEB can post content through theirWooEB Communityprofile which provides visitors the ability to read information, view videos and pictures and also become part of the members network. The areas of content provide a visitor to the members profile an as in-depth view into the member as the member wants to provide.Joining WooEB is free. Memebers can buy the ADit application, advertising and press release distribtuion if they so choose.Join WooEBtoday and begin to Build Your BuzzWooEB is a Social Business Music Networking

  • Mon
  • 6/21/2010
  • 1:59 PM
  • Alexa Ranking for WooEB Breaks 10,000 in U.S.

    Alexa has ranked WooEB.com as one of the top 10,000 sites in the U.S.. WooEB currently is ranked in the top 25,000 sites globally for the week.Rankings are based on reach, page views, page views per visit, bounce rate and search percentage.WooEB is anonline social business and music networking community. WooEB provides members with online marketing applications that enables members the ability to create brand awareness in their WooEB profile and receive traffic to their profile through organic search results.WooEB members have control over the content they post providing other members and visitors the ability to get an in-depth look into the members profile. With news, blogs, videos, events, pictures and other online applications including the WooEB Right Now and ADit members can highlight themselves in the best light they want visitors to see.With the WooEB applications all in one place members have the ability to post a plethora of information in the various content sections that get indexed organically in

  • Wed
  • 6/16/2010
  • 12:11 PM
  • Distribute Press Releases through your WooEB Profile

    WooEB Members can utilize the WooEB Business Networking applicationPress Release Distributionservice to broaden their market awareness.Members of the WooEB.com community can now take advantage of the news platform WooEB provides. In addition to blogs, videos, advertising, networking the Right Now Status updates WooEB offers a full service online press release distribution platform. Business owners loking to reach readers throughout the world can now submit their news and press releases over the WooEB network.Press Releasesdistributed over WooEB are manually search engine optimized (SEO) to enhance organic search results. All press releases can display in the members WooEB profile under the news tab.WooEB provides each member the ability to create their own unique URL along with running the ADit application inside their profile. ADit is an advertising application that is inside each members profile that enables the member to display only their ads on each of their profile pages they have content posted to

  • Mon
  • 6/14/2010
  • 1:38 PM
  • Building Your Web Presence through WooEB

    WooEB the onlinesocial business music networkplans on launching its Market Outlet in the coming weeks. The addition of the Market Outlet inside the WooEB Community will allow Business owners, individual members and musicians to sell and market products and services.WooEB already provides members a variety of online applications geared toward branding and marketing one's web presence. The objective of a WooEB profile is for members to achieve a wider web presence by increasing search results organically along with networking with WooEB members.With the upcoming launch of the Market Outlet inside WooEB members will be able to post listings much like they do on Craigslist or Facebook. WooEB members will be provided with marketing tools inside of the Market Outlet to assist their listing in providing a visitor with a really clear picture of the actual item listed.WooEB provides members free profiles along with a number of applications that enhance the members ability to brand themselves. WooEB allows each member