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Within Archive - July 2010
  • Tues
  • 7/20/2010
  • 1:35 PM
  • Take Control of Your Online Presence; Brand Yourself with a ...

    Social networking communities are nothing new, we’ve seen what seems like a million come and go as the fads and trends continue to change. Think back just a few years ago and Friendster was one of the most popular sites on the Web, that gave way to MySpace which appeared destined to dominate the social networking world for years to come but they were quickly passed by Facebook. While Facebook appears to be without challenge the emergence of Twitter has shown that even the most mighty can be taken down. The problem with many of these social networking communities is they don’t truly give their members the ability to build their online presence or control the content that appears on their profile. Over all, they lack a sense of reasonable substance. After you’ve found your old friends, looked at their pictures and made a few comments back and forth what’s next? That’s the answer WooEB has created. As a social and business networking community WooEB has stepped it up a level, giving members the ability to

  • Mon
  • 7/19/2010
  • 2:27 PM
  • The Market Goes Live on WooEB

    WooEB has launched The Market as another component for members to take advantage on WooEB's one place to post all their content.With the addition of The Market to the WooEB, members can really establish a strong web presence to visitors of their WooEB profile. Members can include a video and a picture gallery in their listings in The Market along with a complete description.The Marketwill be displaying in member profiles on WooEB in the near future and it will provide visitors with a profile and in-depth look at who is posting the items in The Market.WooEB provides members the ability to post press releases, videos, blogs, events, status updates to their Right Now and pictures while networking with other WooEBers.The addition of The Market brings all the online marketing applications WooEB offers to life.WooEBerscan list houses, cars or services in The Market.Business owners can post Job listings while job seekers can list jobs they are searching for while posting their resumes in the description field.Each

  • Fri
  • 7/9/2010
  • 4:29 PM
  • Create Your Online Presence with Social and Business Network...

    Businesses seeking to expand their online presence and draw attention to their products and services have turned to social and business networking communities to meet their needs. With the popularity of sites like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter continuing to rise it’s become apparent that these venues have proven useful and served to create awareness while attracting new customers and clients. As popular as these sites are they can be a bit overwhelming for a business to manage as each of these sites provide different services, meaning a company will have to bounce from one site to the next just to post the content they want to display. That might not seem like a big hassle but the truth is when you’re managing press releases, videos, blogs, pictures, brief updates, etc. the task can become cumbersome. Enter WooEB.com. The whole point of this social and business networking community is to give members one platform from which they can upload all of their content and share it within a community. By

  • Fri
  • 7/2/2010
  • 11:04 AM
  • Are You On WooEB Yet?

    In less than 5 minutes you can have your Unique URL in WooEB along with your complete Company Profile. ToJoin WooEBwe've made it really simple, you can sign in with your existing TransWorldNews username and password which will activate your WooEB profile.Let's get you started by going towww.wooeb.comclick on Join Now or Sign In. Remember sign in with your same username and password this will import all your news stories, blogs, interviews and videos you already have posted in TransWorldNews making your WooEB profile informative for visitors to view.Once your WooEB profile is activated you can start networking with other WooEB members. WooEB provides 3 categories to register and network in: business, people and musicians from around the world. Join WooEB and expand your company brand awareness!WooEB offers a unique URL to every member.Be sure to Join Now you do not want someone else to get the URL you desire.WooEB can help you:Place for all your content on one placeIncrease your organic search results