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Within Archive - July 2012
  • Fri
  • 7/20/2012
  • 12:13 PM
  • Post Video Inside your WooEB Hub and Increase Views

    With the new Video module inside each WooEB Hub that enables every member to post videos they already have on YouTube helps increase views to your Video. With the ease of copying the URL to have the video posted adding WooEB as another outlet for people to watch your videos makes it very effective to increase your audience.To activate your Video Tab inside your WooEB Hub click on View my Hub and go to your Video Tab and click activate. Once your tab is activated you will see + New Video click on that and add your video. All Videos can have a new title so that you have the possibility of indexing under something other than the title you already have in your YouTube account.Each Video has share features and Facebook Likes and the ability to Tweet to increase your exposure even further. We look forward to seeing your Videos added to your WooEB Hub and sharing them with the world.