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WooEB Community is a business, music and social networking community. WooEB provides members with a wealth of applications that enable them to create an in-depth profile within the community. Profiles include an About Me, Background and Lifestyle, Videos, Photo sharing, News, Music, Blogs, unique URL and networking with other members inside the WooEB community. WooEB provides ADit to each member providing them the opportunity to have an exclusive profile (no outside advertising) displaying only banner ads they upload to their pages. Members can run their own ads or give or sell their ad space to advertisers at prices the member sets.

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  • BuzzSignal Advances Press Release Distribution Capabilities on WooEB.com with Breakthrough Social Media Content Promotion Technology


    The utilization of social media outlets as a form of news distribution continues to gain momentum; creating a shift from the blanket readership covered by the more traditional news and press release distribution channels to a more specific and targeted audience. Recognizing the impact that social media outlets can have on generating awareness and building a brand name, WooEB has merged the power of social media sharing technologies with the proven reach of traditional news and press release distribution to provide clients with the most comprehensive outlet to disseminate their news.

    By implementing BuzzSignal, a powerful social media content promotion technology, as part of their press release distribution on WooEB, a company helps its news go viral, increases its visibility, spikes its traffic, and enhances its search engine rankings. All of these benefits ultimately improve awareness and build a stronger brand name.

    All of this can be done because BuzzSignal takes the hands-on approach of coordinating with hundreds or thousands of individuals (depending on the package selected) who then focus on distributing a link to a news story or press release across a number of social media platforms to increase its popularity. Because this distribution across multiple social media outlets is based on human recommendations, the relevancy of the content is considered greater. With more recommendations for a company’s content, a greater web presence is created.

    To learn more about BuzzSignal and how to generate a more impactful presence through the social media sharing technology go to: http://news.wooeb.com/GetBuzzSignal.aspx

    WooEB and its affiliate site TransWorldNews have been global leaders in news and press release distribution. Now, with the addition of BuzzSignalclients will now have the opportunity to capitalize on the influential power of social media promotion.

    Of course WooEB understands that it’s more than just a larger audience that is needed to build interest; the press release must draw the reader’s attention and with a number of applications and tools that can be utilized to capture that interest TransWorldNews provides clients with the means necessary to distribute a press release with a video, picture gallery, logo, links back to the company site, exclusive banner advertising on the release, and many other functionalities that serve the ultimate goal of a company.

    WooEB offers a range of options for press release distribution from single press release submission to an unlimited press release distribution plan. For more information about the right option for you please visit: Press Release Distribution







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