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WooEB Community is a business, music and social networking community. WooEB provides members with a wealth of applications that enable them to create an in-depth profile within the community. Profiles include an About Me, Background and Lifestyle, Videos, Photo sharing, News, Music, Blogs, unique URL and networking with other members inside the WooEB community. WooEB provides ADit to each member providing them the opportunity to have an exclusive profile (no outside advertising) displaying only banner ads they upload to their pages. Members can run their own ads or give or sell their ad space to advertisers at prices the member sets.

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  • ADit Deals Launches Same Day as Groupon IPO


    ADit Deals, a service of WooEB Inc., launches its new online daily deals site.

    Merchants who are WooEB members can run daily deals (for up to five days) inside their WooEB Hubs, as well as on the daily deals site inside WooEB. Unlike Groupon, which takes a portion of the money from your sales, WooEB members pay a one-time fee to run their deal for up to five days.

    Buyers can learn about the deals running on WooEB ADit Deals through social media platforms, search engines (Google, Yahoo!, Bing) and simply by coming to the Daily Deals site to find deals in the categories that they want or in the area where they live.

    ADit Deals is also providing members a place to sign up and be emailed deals that they want to receive and is in the process of developing an app that will launch on the iPhone in time for Christmas.

    While Groupon has been getting lots of attention about their IPO and their valuation and price structure, WooEB has been focused on developing a very clear alternative that both merchants and customers can benefit from when they run their deals through the WooEB ADit Deals platform.

    Ray Firth of WooEB stated “With the ADit Deals pricing model and how the merchants receive their money when customers buy their deal, we are not just another ‘me too’ site. We really focused on what can truly benefit the merchant so that they can pass those benefits on to all of their customers. We know the market is out there, now we need to go and get it.

    Merchants can run deals when they want, priced at what they want and can tie the purchases to a number of merchant processors so they are getting paid directly from the customer. 

    With ADit Deals’ fixed pricing more troubles could come for other daily deals sites who are forcing merchants to become their partners.



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