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WooEB Community is a business, music and social networking community. WooEB provides members with a wealth of applications that enable them to create an in-depth profile within the community. Profiles include an About Me, Background and Lifestyle, Videos, Photo sharing, News, Music, Blogs, unique URL and networking with other members inside the WooEB community. WooEB provides ADit to each member providing them the opportunity to have an exclusive profile (no outside advertising) displaying only banner ads they upload to their pages. Members can run their own ads or give or sell their ad space to advertisers at prices the member sets.

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  • 10 Steps to an effective WooEB Press Release


    Writing and submitting a good WooEB Press Release is important when you are trying to be indexed by major search engines and when you want to drive traffic to your website. Listed below are some of the main steps to being properly SEO’d. All these steps will increase the probability of your site being indexed.

    1. Keywords: Keywords are important when you want to be spidered by Google or other search engines. Always be sure to use words that people are searching for.
    2. Unique content: Use words, phrases and links that are unique to you and your business so you stick out to Google and other search engines big sweeping nets.
    3. Avoid Spamming: Don’t add too many links to your press release and make sure that the links you do have (up to 3 is ideal) jump to a page on your site containing the same words or phrase.
    4. Be concise: Don’t sacrifice important information but be aware that people’s time is precious to them and they want to be in and out. Instant gratification.
    5. Choose the best time for your Press Release to go out: Pick a time early so you will get the most out of the first day when the press release is fresh.
    6. Add all your contact information: The more paths lead to you the better.

    After you have written your press release:

    1. Add pictures and videos: They say a picture is worth a 1000 words. Say more about your business by adding a picture and/or video to your press release to help sell your business.  
    2. Right Now updates: Linking your press release to your Right Now adds another page to the internet about your site.  
    3. Share to your other social networks: WooEB, as a “HUB”, has the unique feature of sharing anything you put out through it with all the social networks with which you have a profile.
    4. Add ADit deals: People who are selling a product should put an ADit deal up after their press release linking the two.
    Following these 10 easy steps will make your press release as effective as possible in driving traffic to your site and getting your more visibility and business. Press Release Distribution through WooEB is different from other distribution services because it includes the features mentioned above such as adding video and pictures and sharing to other social networks. Joining WooEB definitely helps you be properly SEO’d.





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