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WooEB Community is a business, music and social networking community. WooEB provides members with a wealth of applications that enable them to create an in-depth profile within the community. Profiles include an About Me, Background and Lifestyle, Videos, Photo sharing, News, Music, Blogs, unique URL and networking with other members inside the WooEB community. WooEB provides ADit to each member providing them the opportunity to have an exclusive profile (no outside advertising) displaying only banner ads they upload to their pages. Members can run their own ads or give or sell their ad space to advertisers at prices the member sets.

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  • 10/17/2012
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  • WooEB the Networking Community that Provides Business Owners...

    With so many small to mid-size business owners looking to increase and improve their web presence it is extremely difficult to keep up with best practices and allocating resources to achieve the common goal; More Exposure.WooEB has designed a platform that caters to the common goal more exposure with emphasis in having everything in one place. What does this mean? Everything in one place…When you first Join WooEB (free)members do get a bit overwhelmed at the amount of content they can post inside their WooEB Hub. Unlike other networking platforms they may have a place to do a status update, load a video or pictures and that’s about it. Of course they all have networking capabilities to meet new people, friends, customers and friends of friends. Are these sites more passive than assertive when it comes to your business?Most members on these sites tend to be on them for social interaction, a political argument these days seems to be very popular, sharing p...

  • 9/14/2012
  • 5:46 PM
  • 10 Steps to an effective WooEB Press Release

    Writing and submitting a good WooEB Press Release is important when you are trying to be indexed by major search engines and when you want to drive traffic to your website. Listed below are some of the main steps to being properly SEO’d. All these steps will increase the probability of your site being indexed.

  • 7/20/2012
  • 12:13 PM
  • Post Video Inside your WooEB Hub and Increase Views

    With the new Video module inside each WooEB Hub that enables every member to post videos they already have on YouTube helps increase views to your Video. With the ease of copying the URL to have the video posted adding WooEB as another outlet for people to watch your videos makes it very effective to increase your audience.To activate your Video Tab inside your WooEB Hub click on View my Hub and go to your Video Tab and click activate. Once your tab is activated you will see + New Video click on that and add your video. All Videos can have a new title so that you have the possibility of indexing under something other than the title you already have in your YouTube account.Each Video has share features and Facebook Likes and the ability to Tweet to increase your exposure even further. We look forward to seeing your Videos added to your WooEB Hub and sharing them with the world.

  • 4/27/2012
  • 1:24 PM
  • SEO Tips and Updates from WooEB

    Here’s what we’ve been up to:   Right Now Update

  • 11/30/2011
  • 3:44 PM
  • 4 Things You Need to Know About WooEB

    1.    WooEB is an online platform that allows businesses, individuals and artists to put up all their content in one space. You can put up blogs, contact information, events, news, photos, press releases, videos, link back to your website and more. All you have to do is activate the corresponding tab inside your WooEB hub, which brings us to the next thing on the list.Learn more about WooEB2.    It’s more than a profile, it’s a hub. On the surface, WooEB.com may appear to simply be a business listing site but it’s a lot richer than that. The WooEB platform allows viewers to find out all your information in one space.   It’s the best complement to your website. 3.    ADit! ADit is one of WooEB’s endearing applications. Its gives you the ability to run your own ads inside your hub. The last thi...

  • 11/17/2011
  • 11:54 AM
  • Do you ever feel like your online content exists in a black ...

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  • 11/14/2011
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  • ADit Deals Launches Same Day as Groupon IPO

    ADit Deals, a service of WooEB Inc., launches its new online daily deals site.Merchants who are WooEB members can run daily deals (for up to five days) inside their WooEB Hubs, as well as on the daily deals site inside WooEB. Unlike Groupon, which takes a portion of the money from your sales, WooEB members pay a one-time ...

  • 11/14/2011
  • 5:27 PM
  • Social Media Sharing Technology Implemented by WooEB Improve...

    Recognizing the significant impact that social media now plays in generating awareness for the products and services of a company, WooEB and its affiliate TransWorldNews, global leaders in news and press release distribution, are now offering clients the opportunity to take advantage of a powerful social media content promotion technology capable of attracting greater readership and interest for their news.Already providing individuals and companies the ability to improve their organic search results through their news and press release service, WooEB has added BuzzSignal as an additional tool to help your press release go viral, increase its visibility, spike its traffic, and improve search engine rankings; all critical elements in an effective public relations effort.By utilizing 

  • 11/14/2011
  • 5:26 PM
  • BuzzSignal Advances Press Release Distribution Capabilities ...

    The utilization of social media outlets as a form of news distribution continues to gain momentum; creating a shift from the blanket readership covered by the more traditional news and press release distribution channels to a more specific and targeted audience. Recognizing the impact that social media outlets can have on generating awareness and building a brand name, WooEB has merged the power of social media sharing technologies with the proven reach of traditional news and press release distribution to provide clients with the most comprehensive outlet to disseminate their news.By implementing BuzzSignal,...